Project House

What is PLS?

In Kashiwanoha’s Smart City, we offer tours and tours to introduce various city activities that evolve everyday.
Please refer to the list below and select according to your wishes. Aside from the tour, there are also facilities that you can visit freely without a guide.

Project House

The soft space full of warmth of wood can be utilized for not only meetings on town development but also activities to encourage community making in the Kashiwanoha area as well as a small meeting or meeting. Please use the high convenience of the location in front of the station and the advantageous space as long as you use it for idea game.
※ This facility is located on the grounds of Oak Village Kashiwanoha, but UDCK manages and operates.

Information on facilities

size of the roomca.25㎡

●Chair ×10
●Whiteboard、Eraser、Whiteboard marker
●Picture rail
※No Water suply/ No WIFI
Rental equipment
※necessary to apply in advance


Morning 10:00~13:00¥1,000-
Afternoon ① 13:00~16:00¥1,000-
Afternoon ② 16:00~19:00¥1,000-
All Day 10:00~19:00¥2,500-

How to apply

Please contact to UDCK

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