Gate Square Course

This tour introduces Kashiwanoha’s efforts while guiding the guide. Recommended for those who are visiting Kashiwanoha for the first time and those who want to comprehensively understand the town’s summary.
Applications from 2 months before the opening day to 1 week in advance are accepted.

It is a course to observe the gate square which opened in July 2014. This is a tablet terminal that is used to guide you to the most advanced town planning by specialized guides, specific initiatives, and facility information. You can usually visit a private smart center.

We regret to say that this tour is provided for the people who speaks Japanese,and also we don’t prepare to accept inquiry except it. Thank you.

Business Days Monday · Wednesday · Thursday ·Friday
(Except when UDCK closes)
※ 11/23 (Friday), 12/24 (Monday) will not conduct a tour due to holidays / transfer holidays.
Please be careful when entering to the tour format only.
※ From December 26 (Wednesday) to January 4 (Friday), tour will not be conducted due to holiday holidays.
Also, applications for applications from January 16 (Wednesday) to January 18 (Friday) from the beginning of the year will be closed on Friday, December 14th.
Please note.
Business Hours Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10:00-11:30
Friday: 13:00-14: 30
Price 3000 yen (tax included) / person
Including insurance fee / novelty fee
Capacity 20 people (Applications exceeding capacity are not accepted)
Tour Content 1. Opening (Introduction of Kashiwanoha’s Smart City’s initiatives)
2. Kashiwanoha Leather Smart Center
3. KOIL <>
4. Healthy station in town (Including town health laboratory “Oh · · ·”) <PDF link>
5. Energy building (exterior only)
6. Open Space (Kassie’s Hirafu – Nishiguchi Station Road Street (Station Walkway Space))
Notes 1. “Town health institute Ah · · ·” is included in the tourist route at the facility operated by Mitsui Fudosan,
When it overlaps with holiday or event, it may be only an outline explanation.
2. This tour is intended for Japanese and the tour specialty guide is only Japanese, but many of them, both domestic and international,
We are accepting applications and may be concurrent with tour participants from abroad. In that case, in addition to the special guide
An explanation will be given in foreign languages ​​such as interpreters.
3. Contents of the tour · Provisional hold of multiple schedules · Holidays · Holidays We do not accept individual correspondence about others.
※ For schedule change, we will make up to twice per group for fairness.
4. As for the e-mail address to be entered in the application format, on the basis of the security system, aol and Yahoo other than
Please enter.
5. All tours will be conducted in Japanese, so if you wish to participate from abroad, the participants themselves
We are asked to prepare a sequential interpreter. We also ask you to submit the participant list as you participate.
6. Tour application reservation has not been completed at the time of completion of transmission.
If you do not receive a reply email from the tour operator at hand, please do not hesitate to contact UDCK
Kashiwanoha lea Smart Center (In general, it is a private facility)



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